Is it a tote or a purse? You decide!  Fits a lap-top and several notebooks, or a slew of purse items, this versatile bag boasts a unique shape, two large lined pockets on the outside (on the sides the dip in fabric is actually a pocket) and four pockets on the inside.  Made with 4 different fabrics and a beautiful lining! 

Lucia Wholesale
St.Clair Designs
Artistically Designed ◊ Endless Variety
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Scroll down to see images of currently available inventory.  Be sure to note the number on the photo when placing your order.  All bags are made in small batches and the cut of the fabric may vary, so items may not look exactly as shown in the photo.  CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO ENLARGE
We are sorry our inventory is low!  A new batch of the "Lucia" will be coming out very soon (late-October) with many new choices of fabrics. Please contact me directly for a rush order.