The Gale
Messenger Bag
Perfect for your lap-top and several notebooks to take to and from the office. Also great as a carry-on, an over-night, diaper bag, or whatever else you need to carry in this stylish and useful over-the-shoulder or across-the-chest bag.  With a formed, flexible bottom and divider, which will aid in protecting a lap-top, and large pockets on the inside AND outside, you will find room for everything you need.  Magnetic snaps at two levels will close flap securely when with bag has not much in it, and when it is packed full.

Originally designed specifically for my long-time friend Gale, who needed a briefcase for her computer and work files.  I also carried this exact style for two weeks in India (when the rest of my luggage was lost in Cario) and it was perfect for travel!

Width: 18 in   
Depth: 5 in
Height: 15 in

This design is available only at St.Clair Designs special events or by contacting us for a special order.
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