Patchwork Carpet Bags
Of all my styles, I enjoy making these the most.  I love to let my creativity flow piecing together between twenty to thirty fabrics, making each bag a unique piece of art.  When you own one of these, you are guaranteed to never see it's match!

I make these bags out of fine tapestry and upholstery materials, along with oak handles crafted in my father's workshop.  The linings of the bags are as luxurious as the exteriors, and are matched together with creativity and a bit of flair.  In keeping with an old fashioned, carpet-bag-style tradition, I do not use zippers, or the typical inexpensive plastic-type linings that most tapestry bags on the market are lined with.

These bags are perfect for all your crafting, quilting or knitting items, or a weekend trip.  A cinch around the top allows the bags to open very wide for easy access, and the bag can be held by either the oak handles or over-the-shoulder strap. 

Approximate dimensions:
Width: 18 inches
Depth: 7 inches
Height: 16 inches

Available for purchase at St.Clair Designs special events and through a select few retailers you can find by visiting the Where to Buy page, or please email St.Clair Designs for help finding this treasure. 719-359-1293

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