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Artistically Designed ◊ Endless Variety
Artistically Designed:  All of our beautiful bags are made by myself (Megan) and a handful of home sewers in Woodland Park, CO.  Our thoughtful, functional and unique designs, along with the endless variety of fabrics incorporating vast amounts of different patterns, colors, and textures, all pieced together with an artistic eye, is what sets our products apart!  The more fabrics I can fuse into a pattern the better, which adds to the uniqueness and aesthetic of my bags and purses. I am also able to combine several mediums to finish my creations, including hand-cut leather fringe, bead-work and oak handles I craft in my father’s garage.  The end result is a beautiful line of functional handbags that can be fun, quirky, subtle, natural, rich, ethnic, bold or eclectic. 

Endless Variety:  Small batch manufacturing is the name of our game!  And we do not mean a “limited edition” of one-thousand pieces, but rather at most 20 of a kind in the same fabrics.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.  Using hundreds of different fabrics a year keeps things fresh, vibrant and fun (for us too!).  Just like ordering dinner at a “from scratch” restaurant, our production process takes time, but you will be pleased, and your customers will be too. We do not adhere to the typical “spring” or “fall” line most companies in the fashion/retail industry adhere to.  With us, you will truly find endless variety.

Minimums: First-time orders need to be around $200. Re-orders have no minimums! Order just one thing if you like!

Initial orders:
We can send you the designs you want in a variety of fabrics (preferred method)
You can specify the exact fabrics you want.  If this is what you prefer, let us know and we will contact you to assist in placing your order. Our fabrics are always changing!

How to re-order:
Keep it simple!  Just call or email me to let me know what you are looking for. 
You can choose to trust us to send you a selection of fabrics for the style you want (the “Barbie”, the “Kira”, etc) or visit this page for photos of what is available (see links to the right).

We believe in partnership: We want to be your partner in business, not your competition.   We also love to listen to you!  We want to hear what sells, what fabrics your customers love, what design elements they want to see in the future, etc.  I hold on to a handful of retail shows every year (all in Colorado) and find enormous value in listening to and watching customers shop from the full St.Clair Designs line.  These moments are invaluable to me so I can determine what designs are best sellers, what fabrics people love, and generally what customers are really looking for.  Our exchange policy allows you to cater to your customers, just as I want to cater to you as a customer. 

Shipping:  Shipping costs are no fun! I will never charge anyone more than $25 for shipping: no matter how large your order is.  Also, I always re-use boxes.  So please don’t be surprised if you find your order shipped in a used box!  Reduce●Reuse●Recycle

Return/Exchange Policy:  For those who choose to trust us to send a selection/variety of items (rather than choosing exact items—see details spelled out above) we have a an exchange policy that allows you to switch out an item made in fabrics you don’t think will sell in your store.  This type of exchange MUST BE MADE WITHIN 20 DAYS OF RECEIPT OF YOUR ORDER. Please let Megan know via email ASAP @ megandesmidt@yahoo.com. We will not cover the shipping charge of the item(s) to be exchanged when you ship them back to us, but will not charge you an additional shipping charge for the new items sent to you. 
If you notice a flaw in any item, please mail back for repair/exchange (we cover shipping cost). This includes after purchase by a customer as well! We strive to create high-quality merchandise, but this is an art, not a science.  

Please contact me anytime for any questions:

Megan DeSmidt 719-359-1293
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Winter/Spring 2020 Wholesale Show Schedule:

American Handcrafted Philadelphia
Convention Center 
January 2020
2020 Wholesale Line

Click on the link associated with each photo listed below to hand-pick the items available. Please note the item # when placing your order--you can email or call Megan @ 719-359-1293 or megandesmidt@yahoo.com

Please note that on this wholesale page we do not have a fancy log-in or ordering system (because we are not web-developers!) and that no pricing info is included.  Please contact me for details.
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